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What is Auto Detailing?
Cars are often the second biggest investment that people have next to their homes.
So ensuring that this investment is being taken care of by a trained professional is essential.
Professional auto detailing is the rejuvenation and protection of the various surfaces
of a vehicle. Helping to return your vehicle to a like-new condition and providing protection to keep it that way. The ultimate in vehicle restoration and protection, a complete detail will clean, restore, and protect your vehicle.
A professional detail is much more precise and labor intensive than a standard cleaning. As certified professional detailers, we use skilled techniques, high quality
and eco friendly products and professional grade tools to achieve great results.


Why Paint Correction?
If you want to take the appearance of your car to the next level, you might have heard that car paint correction services are the way to go. But what does this even mean? And how does detailing vs paint correction compare? We’ll answer these questions and more so you can maintain your vehicle with confidence.
Car Detailing vs Car Paint Correction
As far as a comparison between car detailing and paint correction goes, the two services are quite different (although they’re often mentioned together). With detailing, expect a wash, wax, tire dressing, and a clean-up of the interior, giving your car that squeaky-clean look without the higher price tag of paint correction. However, paint correction services go above and beyond to get your car back into tip-top condition to help restore it’s original shine and luster.
We’ll give your car a thorough assessment and work out which areas need the most TLC.
What Can Paint Correction Repair?
  •  Re-Level Clear Coat
  •  Remove Swirl Marks
  •  Remove Oxidation
  •  Remove Etching
  •  Remove Scratches
Is Paint Correction Right For Me?
Paint correction involves more risk, so in some cases paint correction is not the solution. For example, if the layer of paint is very thin, it’s better to recommend a 90% removal of defects rather than aiming for a 100% removal and risking further damage. In more extreme cases, a vehicle may be beyond paint correction.

Unsure if paint correction is right for your vehicle? We’ll be sure to provide you with our honest and expert opinion.
Headlight Restoration
Foggy, dirty, unclear headlight lenses compared to clear, crisp headlights, it’s a NIGHT & DAY Difference!
Ever have trouble seeing at night? Does the wear on you headlights
make your vehicle look older than it really is? Try our headlight
restoration process! We will take your oxidized headlights from an old
appearance to a new look in no time. Not only does it cosmetically
increase the appearance of your car, but more importantly, it increases
your visibility at night, making it safer to drive.


Ceramic coatings are a lifestyle product designed to make your vehicle maintenance easier. Ceramic coatings offer the best protection against environmental contaminants like acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, fading from UV damage and more. They also replace the need to wax your vehicle every six months as these specialty coatings are designed to last 3-8 years, on average. This makes maintenance as simple as washing your vehicle! When it comes to ceramics we offer two types: R1 Street which is a great mid level ceramic and R1 Pro which is an extremely high end, very hydrophobic ceramic.




It’s essential to find a way to protect the investment you make in your car. We offer R1 Pro ceramic coating that helps to ensure the longevity of your car purchase. When applied to your vehicle, it creates a strong barrier between pollutants, chemicals, and normal wear and tear to ensure that you’re not prone to paint issues, stains, or scratches. With R1 Pro, you’ll receive protection from:
• Light Scuffs, Scratches and Abrasions
• Weather and UV Rays
• Bird Droppings
• Road Grime
• Oxidation & Corrosion
• Acid Rain
Finishing with hydrophobic properties and a deep gloss shine.
Adding ceramic coating to your car can increase its value. We will leave a dated verification sticker in your door jamb and you can use this to add to your carfax report.
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